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Designer  – Kylie Bhreathnach


As a graduate of Plymouth University’s ground-breaking (BSc) MediaLab Arts (Digital Art and Technology) degree my initial interest in arts was in digital form. This blended digital art, using 2D, 3D and motion graphics,  with interactive media and technology to create a variety of projects.

After university I went on to develop an interest in more physical art forms and began to take lessons in Stone Sculpture. I found that working with a physical material to create and sculpt art was more satisfying than creating digital forms of art.

My interest in lampwork started when visiting Seahorse studios in Holt, Norfolk, where I saw Helen Wright demonstrate creating glass beads using  lampworking. Fascinated by this art form I then took some lessons with Marion Sidebottom from Hothouse Beads and I became hooked. I have been making beads since 2014.

My  lampworking studio in rural Suffolk has allowed me to create my glass beads and my jewellery and establish Keeva Glass Jewellery.

I am a member of GBUK (Glass Beadmakers UK).